How you can help beat loneliness this Christmas

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Here at Silver, we are committed to fighting loneliness in the older generation. For many of us the Christmas period is a time where we are surrounded by family and friends, but for many older people. Christmas can just be another day.

For the elderly members of our community, Christmas can be a very isolating time of the year. Having no family and friends nearby, combined with immobility and the social anxiety caused by prolonged isolation, can lead to many spending Christmas completely alone, with many dreading the day altogether. Community Christmas are a charity with the mission of ensuring that no elderly person should be alone on Christmas day, unless they choose to be, and they do this by creating and championing volunteer-lead community events run to bring the elderly together on Christmas Day.

By providing a platform that organisers can publicise their Christmas event, Community Christmas encourage leaders to organise a Christmas Lunch event, movie viewing, tea and cake afternoon or a meet up at a local pub or restaurant to create a chance where older people can reunite with old friends and make new friends and bonds that will last beyond they day’s events.

With only five short days until Christmas, there’s still a lot you can do to help you alleviate some loneliness this year. The Community Christmas event finder helps to find Christmas lunches and events within a radius of you, so if you know an elderly member of your community who you feel would like company this Christmas, it’s easy to help them towards it, also if you are free you can register to volunteer at one of your nearby events by contacting the organiser, or if you’re aware of an event near you that isn’t on their map, you can register it and help more people in need.

Find a local Community Christmas event near you.



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