7 Simple Steps To Attract Wildlife To Your Garden

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Plant up! Create an attractive atmosphere for insects such as bees and butterflies by planting sweet smelling flowers and shrubs.  Use plants that provide food and shelter. Fragrant flowers like buddleia, lavender, or bluebells will attract flying insects.

Create shelter.  Make a small pile of logs and wood at the bottom of your garden for beetles and other insects that need to hide from predators.  A pile of wood and stones is also a good habitat for hedgehogs and mice.

Recycle.  Instead of throwing away leftovers and waste garden material, leave it on the compost heap for the wildlife, they will eat it or use it in their nests.  Do not leave meat out though as this will attract rats and other vermin.

Have a wild section.  Try and leave a small section of your garden to the elements.  This will encourage a huge range of wildlife to make their home in the more natural surroundings of grasses and local flowering plants.

Plant climbers.  Introduce some climbing plants against trellis or the the walls of your house or shed.  This will create an ideal habitat for pollinating insects and also small birds to nest in.

Provide water.  In the hot summer months, birds need some water to drink and wash in. By placing a simple water-filled bowl or container in an open location of your garden, you will create an oasis for visiting birds and insect life.

Avoid pesticides.  Try not to use pesticides as these can harm the animals further up the food chain.  By attracting birds and hedgehogs into the garden the pests will be kept down naturally.

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