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Our first ever event! Here is the ceremonial 'Cutting of the ribbon' from Elmbridge Mayor Tannia Shipley.

The Best Of The First Year Of Silver

It’s safe to say, it’s been a pretty great year for us here at Silver. Our first year has seen us launch with a visit from the Mayor of Elmbridge in June, we moved to our home at Whiteley Village in September and we’ve started up a new branch of Silver Get-Togethers up in Redditch. […]


Mental Health Awareness Week – Painting Our World In Silver

During Mental Health Awareness week, it’s important that as a charity we reflect on our mission statement, and remind ourselves on how we are constantly striving towards our goal of helping to fight loneliness in the older generation. As we know, loneliness can greatly impact the older generation. A lack of social contact and regular […]


Can social media fight loneliness in the elderly?

There have been a number of studies recently to suggest that social media can have a detrimental effect on the younger generation, with one study even concluded that the more a young person spends on any social media platform, the more they perceive themselves to be lonely. However, it’s surprising to learn that almost the […]

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